Power & Heat Boost Webinar

As Europe embarks on an ambitious decarbonisation journey, smart sector integration has been identified as a key enabler of our climate and energy objectives. To ensure that European industries, cities and domestic consumers are at the centre of the energy transition, net-zero carbon must be delivered across all sectors and energy systems at local level.

The second webinar of COGEN Europe’s “Heat & Power Boost” series, will feature our energy experts’ visions and stories on energy systems integration done at local level and empowering local consumers. In particular, attendees can expect to learn how cogeneration applications efficiently link electricity, heat and gas, for lower emissions, higher shares of renewables and overall a more flexible and cost-effective energy system.

Visit the website for more information: https://www.cogeneurope.eu/events/webinars/19-april-2020-local-energy-systems-integration

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Geplaatst op 14 mei 2020